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Serenity Now…

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‘Serenity now’ in Montebello Park yoga expo

By Don Fraser, QMI Agency

Yoga instructors (left) Carol Cowan and Jessica Hawkes at the second annual Niagara Yoga Expo held Saturday at Montebello Park in St. Catharines .

Yoga instructors (left) Carol Cowan (Prentice) and Jessica Hawkes at the second annual Niagara Yoga Expo held Saturday at Montebello Park in St. Catharines .


When trauma strikes, the calming practice of yoga can speed up a recovery.

And it’s those techniques that Carol Cowan (Prentice) sought to pass on at the second-annual Niagara Yoga Expo in St. Catharines.

“Today we’re looking at how people can use yoga as a tool for healing,” said Cowan (Prentice) of the St. Davids-based Attachment and Trauma Treatment Centre for Healing.

“For someone who’s experienced trauma, often there’s a disassociation that happens,” said Cowan (Prentice), at the Saturday expo at Montebello Park. “Some can have difficulty in grounding themselves in the present moment.

“We’ll be helping (teach) them to stabilize in the safe and present moment,” explained the yoga instructor, about practices that include meditation and grounding postures.

“They’re often still in a place where the environment doesn’t feel safe for them, because the brain is wired to feel unsafe based on that past trauma.”

The event itself was coordinated Yoga Community Niagara (Yoconi). It brought together 15 vendors — from those focused on the wellness culture of yoga to healthy food offerings and clothing retailers.

Yoga demonstrations and discussions also took place at the event, which took place inside the park pavilion.

“The idea was to bring together the yoga studios and instructors,” said organizer and instructor Jessica Hawkes. “And it’s to showcase how really diverse yoga can be.”

Yoga, she said, is about being able to “centre yourself, relax, and practice focusing and get to know and control yourself better.

“And it can physically build your strength and flexibility.”

Elyse Silverman, a part-time Brock University student, was at the expo to publicize the new Cafe Yoga — a joint project of Fulton Fitness/Downtown Health Club and Mahtay Cafe, and held inside Mahtay’s community room on 241 St. Paul St.

It holds classes — all free in September — in a space inside the room.

“This event gives people an opportunity to see a diversity of styles, and gives them a better understanding of what yoga’s all about,” said Silverman, also a yoga instructor.

“Often, in western society, people don’t understand the true meaning of it.

“They just see it as a physical exercise, but it’s really about getting to the core of your being and understanding your mind.”

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Sorceress of Synchronicity!

Written by Carol Cowan on . Posted in Carol's Blog

Have you every experienced a “coincidence” or an event of synchronicity  in your life?  You know…that time when you were thinking of your friend who lives on the other side of the world and the next day you get a phone call from them?  Or you’re thinking about a concert you would like to go to and end up being given free tickets to go?  Or you keep reminded yourself to pick up that old book you wanted to read again and then your co-worker just happens to bring it into the office?

All of these events  can feel like magic and miracles are unfolding right in front of our eyes because that’s literally what’s happening!  In that moment you are connected to the fabric or the interconnected web of the Divine Universe, to which are all connected.  As we begin to let go and surrender to the infinite field of possibilities, we allow room for the Divine to arrange things in a more miraculous way than we ever thought possible.

What is possible though is to experience events like this on a daily basis?  We can actually live our life in flow and connected with the Divine and begin to work with this interconnected web of the Universe in the most wonderful way.  I was able to find a way to experience over 200 of these synchronistic events in just six months! Curious??

Stay tuned and get ready to read because I will be launching my second book called “Dancing with the Divine” in late 2014 or early 2015 where I will provide steps and techniques for you to live your life this way too. Who better to learn from than the “Sorceress of Synchronicity” herself?!

Want more info?  Contact me at or 905-380-2460.