The Most Important Thing You Need to Know About Your Brain

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Ready for this one?

Your brain is designed to reflect back to you whatever you pay attention to the majority of the time. It works like a filter that literally allows into your reality whatever you’ve been thinking about and feeling emotionally most often.  It also filters out, generally speaking, that which you have not been focusing on via your consistent thoughts and emotions.  And most of us have been doing this for many years without even realizing it.  The good news is that as you become conscious of this process you can begin to change your filter to focus on what you want.

Why is this so important?

Neuroplasticity of brain means that the reality you experience is changeable.  The pattern of thoughts and emotions that you experience are malleable once you begin to cultivate the practice of rewiring your brain and changing your consistent daily thoughts and related feelings.  It requires a great deal of dedication and focus but the potential benefits are truly infinite.

So how do you change your reality (and your brain) to create the reality that you desire?

Step 1:

Start practicing! Reading about neuroplasticity, your brain’s ability to change itself and how to consciously create your reality is an important step.  Typically, we must first understand WHY we are doing something and attribute some value to the behavior before we will engage in it.  Once you understand how important your thoughts are you will then can begin to practice changing your daily thoughts to be more positive and feel more uplifting emotions.

Step 2:

Retreat from your outside world!  We must retreat from our environment for a little while to rewire our brain.  If we are constantly reacting and responding to our current environment, our brain will remain the same and we will only reproduce more of the same.  If we can close our eyes and meditate on the thoughts, images and emotions that we would like to experience on a daily basis, then we are on the road to positive change.  Remember the subconscious mind does not know the difference between what’s real and what’s imagined.

Step 3:

Use Emotional Freedom Technique to help!  E.F.T. can be the tool that brings you up if you are stuck in a particular negative thought pattern or feeling in an emotional rut.  Along with meditation, E.F.T. is one of the greatest tools that can naturally shift a thought process or negative feeling, sometimes within minutes! As you shift your emotions and thoughts with E.F.T. you also have the potential to change your brain and therefore the reality that surrounds you.

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