A Sprinkle of Synchronicity

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We’ve all had synchronistic events happen in our lives before.  You know, the time when you’re thinking about someone specific and then pull out your phone to text them but your phone is ringing and, of course, it’s them calling you!  And you’re both left with that feeling of bewilderment.  Most often we think of such events as being random when in fact, if we focus our attention on synchronicity and stay connected to the Divine, asking for helps or signs, we can actually enjoy such events on a daily basis.  You’ve just got to have faith and remember to look for them!

And so, to strengthen your belief and faith in the powerful ability for the Divine to arrange synchronistic events, here is one of the most entertaining events that I experienced while keeping my Synchronicity Journal

This particular event really made me laugh and realize just how perfect Divine timing can be.  I had been feeling sick for a day or so and knew that I needed to see a doctor.  As I was driving along in my car, I looked at the clock and realized that my doctor’s office was now closed for the weekend.  Since I was leaving for a vacation early the next week it was really important for me to see a doctor before I left.   Feeling a little worried, I started to think about where I could go. I silently asked the Divine for guidance at this point.  I started to wonder about whether or not the new Walk-In Medical Clinic would still be open at this time.  I figured I could just drive over to the medical clinic to see if they were open as it would only take fifteen minutes or so.  Since I had other errands to run still, I decided it would be easier to call instead of driving over there, although I didn’t have the phone number.  So, I called home to ask a family member to look up the clinic phone number and information for me so that I would know what time they were open until.  As I’m on the phone with the family member, I confirm the name of the Clinic and the location as they are searching for the phone number on the internet.  Oddly enough, they’re having trouble finding the phone number on the internet. 

Patiently waiting and hoping, I’m still driving around, while on the phone, waiting to see if they’re able to find the number for me.  I stop at the next red light and the sound of the brakes on the bus in front of me catches my attention.  As I look at the advertisement on the back of the bus I actually burst out laughing.  My family member, still on the phone with me, searching the net unsuccessfully, of course asks me what I’m laughing at.  I proceed to tell him that he no longer needs to search for the phone number because now, right in front of me is an advertisement on the back of the bus for the new Medical Walk-In Clinic! The phone number for the clinic is clearly, bolding printed on the back of the bus as well as the address and the hours of operation. And yes, the clinic was still open at that moment.  The timing of the bus advertisement was absolutely impeccable! Laughing together, my family member and I decided to get off the phone and I continue to drive over to the clinic in a state of wonderment and feeling grateful for the infinite wisdom and magical timing of the Divine.  

In my heart and in every fiber of my being, I have complete trust at this point that the Divine was watching over me and felt my desire to seek medical attention before leaving on my trip and when I did ask for help, the Divine was there in synchronistic timing to guide me in the right direction at just the right time. 


The Most Important Thing You Need to Know About Your Brain

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Ready for this one?

Your brain is designed to reflect back to you whatever you pay attention to the majority of the time. It works like a filter that literally allows into your reality whatever you’ve been thinking about and feeling emotionally most often.  It also filters out, generally speaking, that which you have not been focusing on via your consistent thoughts and emotions.  And most of us have been doing this for many years without even realizing it.  The good news is that as you become conscious of this process you can begin to change your filter to focus on what you want.

Why is this so important?

Neuroplasticity of brain means that the reality you experience is changeable.  The pattern of thoughts and emotions that you experience are malleable once you begin to cultivate the practice of rewiring your brain and changing your consistent daily thoughts and related feelings.  It requires a great deal of dedication and focus but the potential benefits are truly infinite.

So how do you change your reality (and your brain) to create the reality that you desire?

Step 1:

Start practicing! Reading about neuroplasticity, your brain’s ability to change itself and how to consciously create your reality is an important step.  Typically, we must first understand WHY we are doing something and attribute some value to the behavior before we will engage in it.  Once you understand how important your thoughts are you will then can begin to practice changing your daily thoughts to be more positive and feel more uplifting emotions.

Step 2:

Retreat from your outside world!  We must retreat from our environment for a little while to rewire our brain.  If we are constantly reacting and responding to our current environment, our brain will remain the same and we will only reproduce more of the same.  If we can close our eyes and meditate on the thoughts, images and emotions that we would like to experience on a daily basis, then we are on the road to positive change.  Remember the subconscious mind does not know the difference between what’s real and what’s imagined.

Step 3:

Use Emotional Freedom Technique to help!  E.F.T. can be the tool that brings you up if you are stuck in a particular negative thought pattern or feeling in an emotional rut.  Along with meditation, E.F.T. is one of the greatest tools that can naturally shift a thought process or negative feeling, sometimes within minutes! As you shift your emotions and thoughts with E.F.T. you also have the potential to change your brain and therefore the reality that surrounds you.

To find out more about how E.F.T. can help or to book a private session contact:

Carol Prentice at info@carol-prentice.com or 905-380-2460.



The Pros & Cons of Positive Affirmations…And How E.F.T. Can Help!

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So you’ve been repeating your positive affirmations over and over but they just don’t seem to be working? And when you do say the affirmation it doesn’t quite feel right either.  It feels more like you’re trying to convince yourself that the positive affirmation is true because the words don’t match how you feel emotionally inside.

So how do we get the feeling to match the affirmation?  E.F.T. can be the tool that bridges the gap! But, let’s first take a deeper look at the pros and cons of positive affirmations themselves…then we can examine how E.F.T. can assist in making sure that affirmations actually do work for you!

The Pros:

1) Positive affirmations have the potential to change your life as other people are living evidence that this is true.

2) Simple, easy and free!  Positive affirmations are available for you to recite at any time, at no cost to you, simply using your conscious mind and focus.

3) There are infinite possibilities.  You can develop positive affirmations or statements that directly reflect what you would like to be, do or have in your life.

The Cons:

1) Positive affirmations don’t always feel true because you may have conditioned your mind and your emotions to feel the opposite way for a very long time.

2) It can be difficult to remember to repeat your affirmations in the middle of a busy, routine day.

3) If you don’t stick with the new positive affirmation, you may return to your old negative thought pattern.

One of the MOST IMPORTANT things to do if you’re using positive affirmations is to find a way for your emotions and feelings to MATCH your affirmation.  You must find a way for it to FEEL TRUE for you so that you can literally change the energetic vibration that surrounds you!  When you can get your emotions to match your affirmations then you are well on your way to attracting that new reality to you at an energetic level.  And E.F.T. is one wonderful way to do just that!

For example…let’s imagine the affirmation you’re using is “I am worthy and deserving of financial wealth” but the feeling you have when you say this is actually nervousness about paying bills.  This is the time to use E.F.T. and tap on “Even though I’m worried about the bills right now, perhaps I can choose to see this situation differently”.

Another example might be using the affirmation of “I am now my ideal weight and love my body” but the feeling you have instead is actually not liking your body and being frustrated with your weight.  Now it’s time to use E.F.T. to tap on “Even though I’m frustrated with my body I give myself permission to be more kind and gentle with myself.”

Keep tapping on all the different negative automatic thoughts that pop up in response to your positive affirmations because there may be a few and keep tapping until the positive affirmation does feel true!  Then…watch the magic happen and how wonderful things begin to unfold in your life!

Not sure about how to do all this on your own?  Contact info@carol-prentice.com or 905-380-2460 to book a private E.F.T. session.  Also available via Skype.



Synchronicity 101: How It Works

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So you’ve started experiencing Synchronistic events and you’re thinking that there must be something more to this whole process.  Perhaps you’re curious if it’s possible to experience these events on a more regular basis and begin to live your life in flow more often?

Well, the first step is to understand exactly how synchronistic events work.  They are based solely on the way we interpret events in our external environment.  Your brain is actually what is creating the miraculous coincidence that you are perceiving.  Your brain is like a supercomputer that is able to seek and search out within your environment whatever you told it was important to focus on by giving certain thoughts and things your attention.  Your brain isn’t able to process all the information in the quantum field that surrounds you but it can find patterns in the field that are based on your belief systems, your memories and whatever you’ve been focusing on. This means that synchronistic events typically occur when you have been thinking about someone or something, whether you’re conscious of those thoughts or not. Then your brain seeks out within your environment the pattern that you have been focusing your attention on.

The fun part happens when you develop a belief system that “synchronistic events happen for you all the time.”  If we know that the brain is seeking patterns in our environment that are in accordance with our consistent thought patterns and beliefs then we only needs to cultivate the belief that these events are possible and happen on a regular basis.  And they can happen for us in joyous ways that are beyond our wildest dreams!

The lesson?  Take the time each day to focus your attention, your thoughts and your emotions, on what patterns you would like to see in your environment and what situations you would like to create.  Remember that synchronistic events are a bit of dance between allowing things to unfold and not forcing things to unfold.  Finally, when you do experience a synchronistic event, take the time to share the story with others, write it down and feel the joy of the universe arranging the event for you.  Every time you do so, you strengthen your belief in synchronicity and cultivate the garden of your mind to produce more!


Serenity Now…

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‘Serenity now’ in Montebello Park yoga expo

By Don Fraser, QMI Agency

Yoga instructors (left) Carol Cowan and Jessica Hawkes at the second annual Niagara Yoga Expo held Saturday at Montebello Park in St. Catharines .

Yoga instructors (left) Carol Cowan (Prentice) and Jessica Hawkes at the second annual Niagara Yoga Expo held Saturday at Montebello Park in St. Catharines .


When trauma strikes, the calming practice of yoga can speed up a recovery.

And it’s those techniques that Carol Cowan (Prentice) sought to pass on at the second-annual Niagara Yoga Expo in St. Catharines.

“Today we’re looking at how people can use yoga as a tool for healing,” said Cowan (Prentice) of the St. Davids-based Attachment and Trauma Treatment Centre for Healing.

“For someone who’s experienced trauma, often there’s a disassociation that happens,” said Cowan (Prentice), at the Saturday expo at Montebello Park. “Some can have difficulty in grounding themselves in the present moment.

“We’ll be helping (teach) them to stabilize in the safe and present moment,” explained the yoga instructor, about practices that include meditation and grounding postures.

“They’re often still in a place where the environment doesn’t feel safe for them, because the brain is wired to feel unsafe based on that past trauma.”

The event itself was coordinated Yoga Community Niagara (Yoconi). It brought together 15 vendors — from those focused on the wellness culture of yoga to healthy food offerings and clothing retailers.

Yoga demonstrations and discussions also took place at the event, which took place inside the park pavilion.

“The idea was to bring together the yoga studios and instructors,” said organizer and instructor Jessica Hawkes. “And it’s to showcase how really diverse yoga can be.”

Yoga, she said, is about being able to “centre yourself, relax, and practice focusing and get to know and control yourself better.

“And it can physically build your strength and flexibility.”

Elyse Silverman, a part-time Brock University student, was at the expo to publicize the new Cafe Yoga — a joint project of Fulton Fitness/Downtown Health Club and Mahtay Cafe, and held inside Mahtay’s community room on 241 St. Paul St.

It holds classes — all free in September — in a space inside the room.

“This event gives people an opportunity to see a diversity of styles, and gives them a better understanding of what yoga’s all about,” said Silverman, also a yoga instructor.

“Often, in western society, people don’t understand the true meaning of it.

“They just see it as a physical exercise, but it’s really about getting to the core of your being and understanding your mind.”



For more information

Niagara Yoga Expo- www.niagarayogaexpo.com

Attachment and Trauma Treatment Centre for Healing- www.attch.org

Cafe Yoga- www.fulton.ca