What’s the Most Valuable Thing You Can Do To Increase Your Intuition?

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It’s our sixth sense and we all have it. In fact, we are born with it and it’s innate within us. This profound ability to access and trust one’s intuition is incredibly valuable when it comes to making life decisions, developing relationships or growing a business. What happens for many people though is that stress and anxiety get in the way of making intuitive decisions.  When we are disconnected from our physical body and our mind is racing, its not possible to tap into our intuition.

In fact, research has shown that anxiety can disrupt the decision making regions of the brain’s prefrontal cortex (https://www.psychologytoday.com/blog/the-athletes-way/201603/how-does-anxiety-short-circuit-the-decision-making-process) which can lead us to make poor decisions.  With the infinite amount of choices people make in a given day, whether it’s choosing between 27 different colleges to apply to next year or deciding between 200 various shades of grey paint colors, the mind can easily become overwhelmed.  This decision making anxiety can also lead us to search the internet endlessly for the “right” thing to purchase, for the best price and then ask ten other people we know for their opinion, before buying anything. Anyone who has ever felt paralyzed when needing to make a decision after being presented with too many options will be able to relate to this. It can stop one from moving forward or deciding anything at all.

So, what is the best way to calm the mind? What is the most effective way to increase our intuition? How can we make intuitive decisions?

Meditation.  Of course!

Sounds simple enough right?  Unless there are literally hundreds of different types of meditations that one can choose to practice.  It can also be a challenging process to find the most appropriate meditation practice to increase one’s intuition with a sea of spiritual teachers and online courses available today.  Once we do find a meditation practice, then we have to try to avoid wrestling with the mind to settle down into the present moment and instead allow the mind to settle.  Then, we have to try to find time every day to practice in order to receive the benefits since practice is key.

What if there was a specific meditation though, designed to increase your intuition?  A meditation that strengthens the corpus callosum which is connection between the right and left hemispheres of the brain, allowing for better communication between the logical and creative sides of your brain.  A meditation that is only 25 min in length so it fits nicely into your busy day and all you have to do is listen with earphones.  A meditation that would provide wonderful side effects such as improved mood and sleeping soundly and deeply.  Sounds too good to be true right? It’s called Synctuition….

Try it for yourself for free: http://bit.ly/SynctuitionCCC

Relax, listen and enjoy!

Wishing you peace beyond all understanding,

Carol Cowan

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