Muse – The Brain Sensing Headband


Muse translates your mental activity into the guiding sounds of weather to help you find focused calm. Busy mind? Stormy weather. Calm mind? Peaceful weather.

Synctuition is more than just a regular meditation program.  

Synctuition1It will activate your full potential safely. It will increase your intuition, your focus and your confidence. It will also help increase serotonin and endorphin levels in the brain while improving quality of sleep through total relaxation.  It is a powerful method of self-discovery that will help you to really see the big picture in your life. Once revealed, this picture will function as a map that you can use to navigate through life by learning to trust your intuition.

Synctuition has been developed in cooperation with psychologists, neurologists, musicians, top sound engineers and meditation experts to mix 4 amazing technologies into a single soundwave to deliver you incredible results including:  Gamma Wave Binaural Beats, 3D sounds, Rhythmic Entrainment, and personal voice frequency.

Synctuition is truly groundbreaking audio technology that helps to increase the power of your intuition by utilizing realistic 3-dimensional sound during 60 amazing binaural beat journeys.

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Contact Carol Cowan at or 905-380-2460 with any questions. 

Want to learn more about the connection between meditation and intuition? Check out this YouTube video of an interview with Tanya West….

Synctuition Interview   

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Synctuition Review 2






Learning to meditate can change your life from the inside out…

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