Peace of Mind Birthing


Techniques for a Calm and Spiritual Birth

“Why is it so calm in here?” asked my labour and delivery nurse.  She explained to me that our birthing room was the most peaceful room on the hospital floor and she wanted to know what we were doing differently.  Even though I had been in labour for 17 hours at the time I was happy to answer the question.  It was a combination of techniques that had really been my saving grace for all those hours (a total of 30 hours of labour by the time my beautiful daughter arrived.)

Keeping my mind focused and calm was the Kundalini mantra that was playing, all the prenatal yoga I had done, and the moving meditation I had practiced. The energy of the crystals and essential oils that we were using were helpful to balance the energy in the room.  Emotional Freedom Technique had cleared my fears of birthing and I also could feel the Spirit of loved ones with me, supporting the process.

I had peace of mind  knowing that all the techniques combined would provide me with the experience of a beautiful, calm and spiritual birth. The right combination of the right techniques can be helpful for any woman during her pregnancy and delivery.

The different techniques available through Peace of Mind Birthing will allow you to feel more calm and relaxed about your pregnancy, birth and motherhood.  You will also feel more connected to the Spirit of your baby and loved ones that have crossed over to the other side. Theses techniques can help, regardless of whether you have your baby at home or in a hospital and whether you choose to have medical intervention or not.


The Techniques offered by Peace of Mind Birthing  include:

1) Emotional Freedom Technique

Are you feeling nervous about the birth of your baby?  Do you have anxiety about being a new mom? Do you feel overwhelmed with all the changes happening in your body and your life?

Emotional Freedom Technique can help!  E.F.T. is a form of psychological acupressure that balances the body’s energy system and calms the mind. It can be used to rewire your emotional reaction to a particular thought about the past, present or future.  Our emotional reactions are in response to repetitive thoughts that we have.  It is possible to change this conditioned response with E.F.T. by calming the mind and the body’s energy system by tapping on acupressure points whenever you have this thought.  Once you learn the technique it is literally available at your fingertips 24/7.  Studies have shown the technique to be very effective for coping with negative emotions such as fear and anxiety.

Click HERE to watch a video of a basic round of E.F.T.


2) Essential Oils

Click HERE to learn a wide range of emotional and physical wellness applications for essential oils.

Click HERE to purchase a resource guide on using essential oils during pregnancy, birth and for your baby.


3) Yoga

Click HERE for a prenatal Kundalini yoga class with Gurmukh. The practice is known as the Khalsa Way.


4) Mantra and Meditation

Click HERE for Snatam Kaur’s album called Divine Birth.

Click HERE for Ajeet’s album called At the Temple Door.


5) Crystals

 Click HERE to learn about Crystals and gemstones for childbirth


6) Connecting with Spirit, Loved Ones and the Baby’s Soul

Click HERE for Dawson Church’s book titled Communing with the Spirit of your Unborn Child

Click HERE for a session with Psychic Medium Kathleen Boldt.


Contact Carol Cowan at 905-380-2460 or email for a FREE 15 minute assessment and discover which Peace of Mind Birthing package is right for you!  Learn more about the right combination of techniques for you and your baby.



Peace Package – $300.00

Includes 3 private E.F.T. sessions, 2 books, mantra c.d. or download, essential oil recommendations and crystals blessed for the birth.


Peace of Mind Package – $650.00

Includes 5 private E.F.T. sessions, 2 books, a session with a psychic medium, mantra c.d. or download, essential oil recommendations and crystals blessed for the birth.


Total Peace of Mind Package – $1000.00

Support from the beginning of your pregnancy and postpartum with 8 private E.F.T. sessions, 2 books, a session with a psychic medium, mantra c.d. or download, essential oil recommendations and crystals blessed for the birth.