Synchronicity 101: How It Works

Written by Carol Cowan on . Posted in Carol's Blog

So you’ve started experiencing Synchronistic events and you’re thinking that there must be something more to this whole process.  Perhaps you’re curious if it’s possible to experience these events on a more regular basis and begin to live your life in flow more often?

Well, the first step is to understand exactly how synchronistic events work.  They are based solely on the way we interpret events in our external environment.  Your brain is actually what is creating the miraculous coincidence that you are perceiving.  Your brain is like a supercomputer that is able to seek and search out within your environment whatever you told it was important to focus on by giving certain thoughts and things your attention.  Your brain isn’t able to process all the information in the quantum field that surrounds you but it can find patterns in the field that are based on your belief systems, your memories and whatever you’ve been focusing on. This means that synchronistic events typically occur when you have been thinking about someone or something, whether you’re conscious of those thoughts or not. Then your brain seeks out within your environment the pattern that you have been focusing your attention on.

The fun part happens when you develop a belief system that “synchronistic events happen for you all the time.”  If we know that the brain is seeking patterns in our environment that are in accordance with our consistent thought patterns and beliefs then we only needs to cultivate the belief that these events are possible and happen on a regular basis.  And they can happen for us in joyous ways that are beyond our wildest dreams!

The lesson?  Take the time each day to focus your attention, your thoughts and your emotions, on what patterns you would like to see in your environment and what situations you would like to create.  Remember that synchronistic events are a bit of dance between allowing things to unfold and not forcing things to unfold.  Finally, when you do experience a synchronistic event, take the time to share the story with others, write it down and feel the joy of the universe arranging the event for you.  Every time you do so, you strengthen your belief in synchronicity and cultivate the garden of your mind to produce more!


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