The Hidden Secrets of EFT, by Carol Prentice (Cowan)

Carol Prentice - The Hidden Secrets of EFT Publication Date: August 30, 2011  

The Hidden Secrets of EFT is a daring and uncensored guide that reads as if it were written just for us. This comprehensive book explores how to use Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) in our everyday lives. We are gently guided how to best use EFT to bring about change in areas we worry about most—like our relationships, money and health. Inside this special book, Carol Prentice helps us uncover the fundamentals of EFT as well as several advanced techniques (so we can master the EFT process in a straightforward way).

Were you aware most of us suffer from low self-esteem? Follow the easy steps to sky-rocket yours and consequently affect every other area of your life. Living with constant fear and anxiety is debilitating. If you are feeling overwhelmed, frustrated or isolated you are not alone. Find out how to free yourself from fear and or anxiety for good. Are you in a toxic relationship without even realizing it? Now is the time to break away from damaging relationship patterns and improve your communication with those closest to you.

You will also find out how to lose weight effortlessly. (You’ll be relieved to discover excess fat has less to do with food than you may think.) Release the root emotional barriers so you can lose and enjoy your goal weight. For the first time 8 of the most common Addiction Myths are busted. Once you have identified and dissolved the root reasons you started smoking you too will then be able to stop. Unfortunately most of us are still struggling with our money. Find out how to increase your financial abundance so you can bask in the prosperity you deserve. Often the process of affecting both subtle and dramatic lifestyle changes can see us losing ourselves. Discover the best way to integrate the “new and improved you” into your new identity. Sprinkled with “real-life examples”, this cleverly structured guide gives you all the practical steps so you can finally live life on your terms!