EFT Workshop

EFT is a psychological form of acupressure that is based on the connection between your body’s subtle energies, your emotions, and your health. In essence, EFT is an emotional version of acupressure. We tap on certain energy meridian points with our fingertips while focusing on a negative emotion such as fear, anxiety, anger or frustration. Properly done, this can produce a calming effect, reducing the negative emotion and shifting to a positive state in a matter of minutes.

Come and learn the fundamentals of Emotional Freedom Technique so that you can apply it appropriately and have tapping be most effective for you.  This workshop will provide the history of EFT, the neuroscience of how EFT works, common mistakes that people make and how to avoid them, the full EFT protocol as originally taught by the founder Gary Craig, and how to use EFT on yourself vs. when to seek out professional support.

This workshop will be held at:

Rising Sun Yoga Studio in Georgetown Square
5225 Sheridan Dr (at Evans St)
Williamsville, NY 

Sunday March 4th, 11th and 18th from 2pm-4pm. (6 hours total class time)

You can attend all 3 weeks for the cost of $60 or drop in to a class for $25.

Please register online here: EFT REGISTRATION

Spaces are limited!! Contact Carol Cowan at or 905-380-2460 with any questions.



Carol Cowan (Prentice) brings a dynamic perspective and vibrant energy to all of her workshops.  The training she provides is always tailored specifically to the personal and professional needs of her clients so that each workshop is a direct reflection of what her clients need the most.

In addition to working with individuals and groups, Carol also conducts regular weekend retreats which are open to all those who are interested in their personal growth and becoming 100%  responsible for creating their life!

Each workshop is designed with the understanding that our inner world is what is creating and shaping our outer world.

1) Free Your Mind

Have you tried to break through or change limiting beliefs about what is possible for you?  Is there a lingering fear or anxiety that is somehow to difficult to shake yet you know, on some level, that it’s holding you back from accomplishing more?  This is an opportunity to expand your mind to new possibilities and learn a simple yet very powerful technique that can eliminate negative or limiting beliefs permanently!  Be prepared to learn about the many layers that are connected to our limiting beliefs and how your subconscious mind is really the one running the show.  We will learn how to erase those negative beliefs based in the subconscious and replace them using a technique that anyone can learn.  This technique, known as “Emotional Freedom Technique” comes from the ancient wisdom of acupressure and has been providing thousands of people with true freedom.  Are you ready to realize your unlimited potential?

2) Your Brain on Change

So you’ve tried to change an old habit or behaviour….once again…and it’s not working.  Why does change seem so uncomfortable and challenging?  In this workshop you will have an opportunity to learn how our routine behaviours are really just  neural pathways in our brains that are strongly wired together.  However, science has recently shown that it 100% possible to change the wiring of the neural pathways in your brain and hence change any behaviour. So, get ready to get out your wire clippers and stop firing neural pathways that are connected to unwanted behaviours and learn how to rewire your brain.  This is your chance to learn how to create new neural pathways that will elicit new behaviours allowing you to reach the goals that you desire.  Techniques taught to rewire your brain include the “stages of change” and mental rehearsal.

3) No More Negative Thinking

Do you find that you’re constantly happy and content during the day at work? If not, would you like to be? We will begin to understand the connection between thoughts, feelings and behaviors and learn how negative thought patterns can have a major effect on our everyday life. As we explore ways to begin monitoring our thoughts, we’ll define 10 very common patterns of negative thinking, also known as cognitive distortions. Some of the negative thinking patterns include our “Mental Filter” and “Should Statements”. Once we begin to identify and eliminate these patterns of negative and distorted thinking, we can begin to turn our work environment, our life and our reality into an amazing, positive place instead.

4) Ready…Set…Relax!

Do you feel like your mind is constantly racing while at work or when you try to sleep at night?  Do you ever feel overwhelmed by all the things that you can’t stop thinking about?  Mindfulness meditation is the practice of stilling or relaxing the mind and focusing our concentration in order to increase awareness of the present moment, reduce stress, promote relaxation, and enhance personal growth.  By beginning to slow our brainwaves through meditation, we can slso change how we think, feel and act in our daily lives.  With this workshop, we can enjoy the relaxing experience of training the mind and letting go of thought in order to free ourselves from stress and worry in the workplace.  Remember that learning to relax your mind is a skill that can be developed by anyone when given the proper tools and with practice.  Carol will provide the tool of meditation in this session!

5) Breathing Techniques 101

Just take a deep breath and relax!  How many times have we heard this from a friend when you are feeling stressed or overwhelmed by some life event or crisis at work?  In this workshop you will have a chance to learn about the difference between stressful breathing and deep relaxed breathing.  When we’re stressed we turn on our “sympathetic nervous system”  and tend to breathe quick and shallow.  In turn, we are not providing the body with the amount of oxygen that it needs.  The long term ramifications of this are chronic fatique, low level anxiety and mental haziness.  After this workshop you will have the knowledge and skills to instead turn on your “relaxation response” in the body as well as a number of breathing techniques that you can practice on your own.  This is a chance to experience mental clarity, increased energy and harmony in your body on a daily basis.

6) Yoga Stretch at Your Desk

Too busy to exercise or stretch but know that your body needs to and so does your posture?  Ever go home after a long day at work with tension in your neck, shoulders or back?  This session will provide an easy-to-learn series of yoga stretches that you can do right at your desk when it’s convenient for you.  The stretches provided are part of the ancient yoga tradition and can allow you to release tension and discomfort that we often feel after sitting at our desk for long periods of time.  This combination of yoga stretches can increase blood flow to the muscles, improve spine flexiblity and move stagnant negative energy in the body.  Learn to get moving and get relief with this workshop!  Just remember to wear comfortable clothing…

To check with Carol and her availability for any of the above workshops please feel free to contact her at:

905-380-2460 or

Free Your Mind